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Mascot Care Instructions

Our mascots are constructed of high-quality materials, designed to last for many years when properly cared for. Please take note of the following tips and instructions.

Wearing your mascot:
Our mascots are made of soft and huggable fabrics. To avoid wearing and matting of the fur, do not kneel or lay down in the costume. Do not perform gymnastics while wearing the mascot costume. Always wear the adjustable chin strap found on the inside of the mascot head to prevent the head from tumbling off.

Cleaning your mascot suit:
The fur suits only are machine-washable. Wash them only in cold or warm water – never hot - using any standard detergent and fabric softener in the rinse cycle. Dry your mascot on the AIR CYCLE only. Using any heat in the drying process will shrink and mat the fur, which will ruin the costume. After running your mascot through the air cycle, hang it up in a warm, dry room to finish drying overnight. The suits can be dry-cleaned, but again, they CANNOT go through the heat cycle. We recommend washing over dry-cleaning. Deluxe and spat feet CANNOT be dry-cleaned but can be cleaned in the washer using the same method as above.

Cleaning your mascot head and feet:
Brush your mascot head and feet regularly with a common hair brush or a pet grooming brush with tiny wire bristles. This will keep your mascot looking new and remove any loose dirt. Spot clean your mascot using any mild detergent and a wash cloth or a spray carpet cleaner. In the event your mascot head or feet needs to be cleaned in its entirety, dampen the head or feet with a wet cloth and use a mild detergent. Never soak or immerse the head in water. Dip a cloth or soft-bristled brush into the detergent and brush the head or feet, working up a lather over the entire surface. Rinse all of the detergent from the head or feet with conservative amounts of water and a brush. After rinsing, vacuum the water from the head or feet using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Place head or feet in a warm dry area overnight to finish drying completely. Brush the fur to make it look as good as new.

Storing your mascot:
When storing your mascot for a long period of time, cover it with a dry-cleaning bag or plastic and hang it. We recommend placing dryer sheets inside the mascot costume to keep it smelling fresh. Never store your mascot in a mascot carrying case.

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