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Grass mats add a touch of greenery to floats and more

You don’t have to go to the local florist to figure out how to incorporate luscious grass into your float design, you simply have to use grass mats from SpiritLine. You can create the appearance of beautiful green foliage by placing green parade grass mats on the base of your float. The stunning real grass appearance is the perfect complement to tropical- or outdoor-themed floats and blends well with both real and artificial flowers.

Tissue Grass Mats
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Yellow Tissue Grass Mats
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Teal Tissue Grass Mats
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Scatter Grass
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"Real" Grass Mats
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Orange Tissue Grass Mats
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Beyond parades: Grass mats have endless uses for festive occasions

Perfect for parades, grass mats can also be a fun addition to many types of parties and festive celebrations. For example, for a Hawaiian-themed luau, spread grass mats on a patio or throughout the dance floor for a green look as vivid as the islands. Having a football party? Score extra points by adding grass mats to your entrance or snack buffet to give an artificial turf appearance. While green grass mats are popular, SpiritLine offers grass mats in other colors that can be a delightful addition to parties. For example, yellow tissue grass mats and orange tissue grass mats are best sellers and are particularly suitable for celebrations during the autumn months.

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