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Celebrate your school’s unique sense of pride with a customized mascot costume. Mascots are at the core of a unified school spirit, and can often be the star of a school’s logo and other spirit gear. However, it’s not always easy to find a mascot costume that fits your vision—particularly if your mascot is a unique character or design. Go beyond the classic lion, bird, or dog; SpiritLine makes it easy to build your own unique mascot vision with custom mascot costumes in your own choices of style, character, and color. By taking the time to perfect your ideal mascot to your school’s specifications with a little help from SpiritLine, you are building a legacy of cheer and cohesiveness for your school and team.

Custom Mascots
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Customized Mascot Costumes

Honor the distinctive characteristics of your school and team creating a special custom mascot costume. Custom mascot costumes from SpiritLine are made to order with your ideal colors and your mascot vision, so they can be perfectly crafted to represent your mascot character. Your custom mascot costume could be an animal, a person, or any other creature that your imagination can think of! By building a special character that students, athletes, and fans can recognize and rally around, you can make an investment in long-term school pride. Once you’ve designed your perfect mascot costume, you can add on matching spirit gear to enhance the cheer; spirit items like mascot-themed temporary tattooscan be found at SpiritLine, letting fans of your new custom mascot show their pride. Go team!

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