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Spirit Ideas

There's nothing more exhilarating than hearing the crowd cheer during the big game, or having a sea of school colors pack the stands. Showing your spirit is crucial for victory! We've compiled some ways to help you show your team and your school that you're behind them all the way.

  1. A Clear Message
    Advertise your school logo along with your game or spirit week schedule on our
    Custom Static Decals! The transparent decals are perfect for car, house, and school windows and are easily removable after the events.

  2. Paint-A-Banner
    Using our water-based
    Paint Kits and Poster Markers, set up several "paint stations" in your school. Let the students design spirit banners for the school and stadium. A fun way to spark spirit!

  3. Mad for Mascots
    On game day, have your dressed-up mascot hand out spirit trinkets (such as badges, cheerphones, and sport balls) to the students and fans. Don't have a
    Mascot Costume? Check out the large variety available from SpiritLine!

  4. All Decked Out
    Cheerleaders not allowed jewelry on game days? No problem! We have added new
    Spirit Marks to our huge selection! Now you can show your spirit with necklaces, wrist and ankle bracelets, and rings-all in the form of removable tattoos.

  5. Drink It Up
    Don't settle for plain plastic cups at your concession stand! Sell drinks in our custom
    Sports Bottles and Stadium Cups for the fans to take home afterwards. At future games, offer a discount to fans who bring their cups. Your fans will never go thirsty again!

  6. Ribbons Mania
    Create a custom ribbon with one of our awesome styles, and then pass them out to family, friends and fans! Your custom design will intimidate the competition and last from game to game.

  7. Stickers Galore
    Wherever there's a white space, stick it with spirit! Our wide range of stickers will really help you show your school spirit. Stick them on books, bags, lockers, cars, cups – wherever you can!

  8. Battle of the Badges
    Decorate your game attire with a sampling of spirited badges. Pin them to coats, jackets, sweatshirts or T-shirts! It's just another way of letting the team know you're rooting for them every step of the way.

  9. Mark Your Spirit
    Adorn your face, arms, hands and legs with our decorative Spirit Marks. In fact, Spirit Marks can go just about anywhere. So plaster 'em all over for lots of spirited fun!

  10. Pom Power
    Create a sea of your school colors in the stands with poms, poms, and more poms! From a distance, there is nothing more intimidating to the opposition, so cheer away.

  11. Drive Time Spirit
    Be prepared for driving into "enemy territory" at the next away game. Adorn your car with imprinted antenna balls, car flags and antenna pennants. Create a caravan of spirited cars to show your team that you're behind them even when they're not on home turf!

  12. At Home Spirit
    Spirit doesn't just end at school – carry it to your home and neighborhood with our yard signs and spirit banners. Display them proudly year-round, or on the days leading up to your big game.

  13. Bags of Spirit
    Carry your school spirit around with some of our imprinted tote bags, backpacks, spirit bags and bag tags. Be sure to use them on away games and on school field trips.

  14. Stadium Cups
    Everyone can use an extra cup, especially when it's in their school colors and features their school mascot! Encourage students to use their school stadium cup at lunch, at home, and on weekends. An easy way to generate spirit!

  15. Spirit Fridays
    Liven up dull hallways by asking students to wear clothing in school colors on the eve of your big game! To encourage participation, enter students who sport school colors into a contest to win awesome spirit items like badges, ribbons, stickers and our Spirit Marks.

  16. Stand and Shout
    One way to intimidate the competition is to STAND during your next game! Arrange for a section of students to stand and shout throughout the duration of the game. They might be tired at the end, but they'll definitely help your team feel the power of the fans!

  17. Faculty Spirit
    Students aren't the only ones who love their school – faculty members can get in on the action as well! Ask faculty members to dress in school colors and parade around the field with cheerleaders during half time. Or, arrange for a faculty tug-of-war competition at halftime. It's certain to get the crowd's attention!

  18. Poke Fun at Your Rival
    Rent your rival team's mascot and get ready to have some fun! Show your school mascot in a game of tug-of-war with the rival, and watch the crowds roar. The winner? Your mascot, of course!

  19. Discount Tickets
    Encourage fans to wear school colors to games, and reward them with a special discounted game ticket. Let the most outrageously attired fans get in for free as an added incentive!

  20. Beach Ball Fun
    Even if your game takes place in the dead of winter, a beach ball in your school colors is a must-have! Give it to the fans in the stand, and watch them bounce it back and forth for hours on end. It's a fun way to involve fans and show school spirit!

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