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Spirit Week Themes

Has Spirit Week at your school lost its ... well ... spirit? Need fresh ideas to liven it up this year? Then this web page is for you! Our exciting spirit week themes are sure to get your school hyped and bring new life to your Spirit Week and our great spirit products like, Lanyards, Spirit Stix, and Pom Pons, will get everyone into the action. So get ready for five awesome, spirit-packed days!


  • Wide World of Sports
    Get ready for the big game with a week of sports! Focus on team sports such as football, basketball, hockey, and soccer, using specific ideas for each theme. For football, consider Monday Night Football, for basketball consider March Madness, and so on. Center your decorations and outfits around the theme of the day.  Pass out SpiritLine Sports Ball Clappers for added inspiration. 

  • Red Carpet Regalia
    Bring a week of glamour and glitz to your school with a Hollywood theme. Categories could include movie stars, TV shows, music, and fashion. Dress up the school in black and gold, with a giant "Hollywood" sign in the main hallway or doorway. Consider posting movie posters and Hollywood street signs around the school as well.

  • Holiday Cheer
    Why wait for the holidays? Host a week of special days during your Spirit Week! New Year's Eve, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and 4th of July are ideal day themes. Coordinate school decorations for each holiday and be sure the students dress in the festive colors!

  • Dose of Reality
    Turn your school into a hit reality show! Survivor, Deal or No Deal, and Fear Factor themes are ideal for day or week themes. Decoration ideas: Luau supplies for Survivor, Giant Suitcases for Deal or No Deal, and Halloween supplies for Fear Factor). Center your mottos around your team "surviving," a loss in the big game being "No Deal," and the rival team "fearing" your team!

  • USA Celebration
    An American theme is a great way to generate excitement during Spirit Week! Some day themes include red-white-blue day, states day, history day, and presidents' day. Drape the school in red, white, and blue along with American flags, state names, and posters of presidents. Consider hanging the "Star-Spangled Banner" lyrics up as well!

  • Wild, Wild West
    The West is back - at your school! Round up a week of cowboys, outlaws, pioneers, and Western movies for this spirit theme. Bales of hay (real or paper), wagon wheels, cowboy hats, Western movie posters, and outfitted students will quickly turn your school into the Wild West!

  • Blast from the Past
    For this theme, revisit a different decade each day.  Have students dress in clothes from that decade and hang decorations that exemplify the years you choose.  Some ideas of fun decades to use?  Try the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.  Consult your history teacher for decade details!

  • Around the World
    Get your school ready for a trip around the world – in five school days!  Choose five different cities or countries to focus on.  Ask students to don attire typical of each country and get ready for some international fun!  We love the following foreign destinations for this theme – Paris, London, the Far East, Mexico and the Caribbean.

  • Mythology
    The ancient stories of Greece and Rome can come to life in your school hallways with a little research and a lot of fun!  Consult mythology books and choose a different mythological tale for each day of your spirit week.  We love the story of Jason and the Argonauts, the Trojan War, the Twelve Labors of Hercules, the underground world of Hades and the many stories of Zeus.

  • Animal Kingdom
    Bring the zoo to your school for a week!  We don't mean this literally of course, just figuratively.  How?  By choosing a different animal of species to focus on each day.  Get students to coordinate their outfits with the animal of the day, and you're ready for some animal-astic fun!  Try cats, bears, birds, safari animals and domestic animals as your categories.

  • Cartoons
    You may not have watched Saturday Morning Cartoons since you were a kid, but it doesn't mean you don't still love the likes of Batman and Robin!  Bring these old favorites back to life for five days during a cartoon theme spirit week.  A few of our ideas?  The Jetsons, Superman, the Flintstones, Scooby Doo and Pokemon.

  • Movies
    Whether you choose old movies or current movies, a spirit week "at the movies" will be a certain success!  Find old movie posters, stand-ups of stars or make collages from entertainment magazines to decorate your halls.  Have students dress up like their favorite stars and serve popcorn and Junior Mints to raise school spirits and sugar levels!

  • Under the Sea
    An underwater theme for your spirit week will be a fun and festive way to spread some spirit!  Cover walls with blue flat paper, set up a bubble machine to set the mood, and bring in fish, waves and sand for an authentic look.  Choose a different body of ocean for each day, or select beach-inspired movies for a new spin.

  • Transportation
    Modes of transportation may not seem like the most exciting theme for your spirit week, but consider the fun you can have.  Cars, trains, bicycles, planes, boats and more could all provide your décor and daily theme.  For fun, ask students to take a different mode of transportation to school each day.  Remember – feet count!

  • Military Action
    Honor America's service men and women with a week dedicated to the armed forces. Focus on one division a day (Army, Navy, etc.) and decorate your school with armed forces colors (green/brown for army, blue/white for navy), official seals, American flags, and the name of the division you are honoring that day. Encourage the students to dress up in the appropriate colors and uniforms!

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