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Victory Float

Honor the home team's victory or cheer them on with a float dedicated to your school being Number One!

  • The float is built on an 8' x 16' farm wagon with the back removed. A similar size trailer, used to move small construction equipment, might be borrowed from a local construction company. The float also might be built on the back of a flat bed truck. You can use one of our Vehicle Decorating Kits to tow your float in style.
  • A light wooden frame, made of #2 1 x 3 pine surrounds the wagon. The frame extends from the top of the wagon bed to 15" from the ground. You can find wood for the frame at your local lumberyard. A basic frame this size requires approximately 140' of lumber.
  • Waterproof, flameproof Floral Sheeting is stapled to the frame. This size float requires 16 yards of Vinyl Floral Sheeting in your school's colors for the sides. The floor requires another 15 yards. To calculate how much Floral Sheeting you need for your float, measure the distance around in feet and divide by three to get the yardage. Floral Sheeting is sold in square yards. Floral Sheeting is made of a heavy plastic backing sheet with rows of sewn-on scalloped plastic flower petal shapes. 14" high Metallic Gold Fringe is stapled to the bottom of the frame where the Floral Sheeting stops. Fringe is available in 10' length packages. This size float requires five, 10' packages of Metallic Gold Fringe.

  • Metallic Gold Festooning outlines the sides of the float. Festooning is available in 48' long rolls. This size float requires three, 48' rolls of Metallic Gold Festooning. The Floral Sheeting, Festooning and Fringe are all made of the same plastic material (waterproof, fade-proof and flameproof) and reusable for another float at another time. Order Floral Sheeting, Festooning and Fringe right here from Stumps.

  • Use our Number One Float Kit or Lightning Strikes Float Component as the center of your victory float. The Number One Float kit includes a 5 1/2' high by 4'7" wide cardboard number one decorated on both sides in red POMPS in the interiror of the numeral and outlined with white corrugated. The Lightning Strikes Float Component is a 6'4" high by 7' wide bold of lightning decorated on both sides in yellow and gold POMPS.

  • A school Mascot riding on the float completes the look.

  • Cheerleaders riding on the float hold helium-filled bunches of our 11" Deeptone Balloons in school colors.

    • Your school's colors in Spirit M&M's, FAN-TASTIC Beads, or Spirit Bracelets make great crowd pleasing toss-outs!

    The materials listed are based on a two-sided design.

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