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Pump it up! Get your school rockin' for the big game with these exciting spirit week ideas. Don't wait for the pep rally! Start energizing the fans bright and early on Monday.  By Friday afternoon they will be wild with school spirit and ready to cheer their team to victory! Word to the wise: Clear all events with your school first!

Giant Mascot Team FlagGO, FIGHT, WIN!

  • Banner Creations. Need help making all those spirit banners for the pep rally and big game? Get help by turning it into a spirit week activity! Set up several "stations" in the cafeteria, gym, or other large area. Provide paint, markers, and paper at each station, and let the students express their creativity! Put one cheerleader or volunteer in charge of each station to keep things organized.  Or, visit our Banners for custom banners at a great price!

  • Fun Phrase. You can use the PA system for this idea! Announce a "phrase of the day" (something like "Go Raiders!" or "Cage the Tigers!") in the morning. Let the students know that several teachers and students have been designated as undercover "phrase police." These people hold special "rewards" (homework pass, Spirit Marks, Spirit Stix, game tickets, etc.) for the students that say the special phrase to them. Since the "police" will only have certain amount of prizes, the students who find them first get the goods!

  • Mascot Mania. Nothing encourages spirit quite like the school mascot! During lunch, bring your dressed mascot into the school's cafeteria. The mascot can give out spirit trinkets, help the squad lead a cheer, or perform a fun dance. If you get permission, send the mascot into various classes throughout the week to create more excitement! Don't have a team mascot? Check out our Mascot Costumes.

  • Spirit Marks. We offer a huge variety of fabulous Spirit Marks - temporary tattoos that are all about spirit! They are easy to put on and take off (soap and water will do the trick) and they can be customized for your school! Sell or give them to students throughout the week for a unique and totally cool way to support the team.

  • Good Morning. Set the mood for the day with a spirit-filled morning announcement! Over the school's PA system (get permission first!), recite a cheer/chant, play a fight song, announce the days and hours left till the big game (and the defeat of the rival team!), or simply remind the students of the spirit activities going on that day. It is a great way to get everyone's attention!

  • Car Show. Host a car show after school. Students can sign-up and show-off their rides! Rope-off the cars so everyone can look but not touch - just like the pros! Hand out awards for best system, paint job, wheels, tricked-out and all-around.

  • Winning Legs. Take pictures of all the senior football players legs (just the legs!). For Spirit Week, attach the pictures of each player's stems to a collection can. Let the students know that the picture with the most spare change in the can at the end of the week wins the contest. Reveal the identities of the contestants and the winner at the pep rally! This also makes a great fundraiser.

  • Carnival for Charity.Choose a charity to sponsor and hold a carnival after school or early evening. Set it up just like a real carnival. Get prize donations from local companies. All proceeds go to that year's sponsored charity!

  • Player Support. Each day of the week, pick several players to honor and appreciate! Ways to show they're special: announce their names over the PA system, hang signs with their name and number, decorate their lockers (put candy inside too!), and persuade their teachers to give them a homework pass. We have all the Spirit Items to help support your players (sorry, homework passes not included!).

  • School Scavenger Hunt. Assign items for the students to find each day. Award a daily winner by drawing and a grand prize drawn at the pep rally for the student who finds all the items for the week!

  • Get Milk. Wanna break from cheering? Get the squad together for a milk-drinking contest during lunch (juice or soda could also work). Make sure the table and floor are covered in plastic, and that everyone has plenty of liquid to chug! The cheerleader who drinks the most in five minutes wins the contest. For fun, reward her with a "Got Milk?" poster!

  • Who's Who. Set up a table in the cafeteria, gym, or hallway for baby pictures of the teachers to be displayed. Set a jar and a pile of forms for the students to guess which teacher corresponds to what picture (assign each picture a number). At the end of the week, tally the correct answers and announce both the names of the teachers and the winners of the contest at the pep rally!

  • Follow the Big Foot. Cut paws or foot prints from background paper to "pave" the way to the big pep rally!

  • From Hall to Spirit Wall. You'll need plenty of seamless paper for hall decorating contests between classes. Paint it, glitter it, or layer it! (Get the optimum effect by placing one contrasting color over another. Then cut words and symbols in the top layer of paper to show off what's underneath!)

  • Balloon Treats. Make surprise balloons by placing candy and small trinkets inside balloons before you inflate them. Then place the balloons in the locker room to congratulate the players after the game.

  • Hat Week. Assign a hat theme for each Spirit Week day (mascot day, western day, "fire up" day, "wild round-up" day, etc.). Everyone will be proud to show their school unity! Stumps has cowboy hats, captain hats, pirate's hates, sun hats, fire chief hats, jester's hats, chef's hats, construction hats and a whole lot more!

  • Smile for the Button. Create personalized buttons by using our rotary cutter to trim photographs of your team's brightest stars before inserting them into our design-a-buttons.

  • A Picture Says a Thousand Words. Say "thank you" to teachers and coaches by presenting them with imprinted albums filled with photos from the season's games. Top the memorable gift off with a card signed by the entire team!

  • Powder Puff. Hold a Powder Puff game the night before the big game. Girls are the football players, and guys are the cheerleaders!

  • After-school "Olympics." Give your school's Olympics a theme and make-up competitions for teams to compete in. Have fun and make them silly! Add the chubby-bunny contest or other silly games you find on the web! Tally the points and award medals you've purchased or created for the gold, silver and bronze!

  • Secret Crush. Hold a Secret Admirer Day when students can purchase roses during lunch and have them sent to the objects of desire during homeroom.

  • Guess the Poms. Toss a bunch of pom pons in a large, clear container. Then set the container in an open area where students can guess how many poms are inside the container. The winner receives a pair of poms and free admission to the big game!

  • Bonfire Sing-Along. Hold a bonfire in a safe and regulated area after the big game. Bring the whole school together to sing!

  • Spirit Dollars. Reward spirit week participants with play money for each activity that they are involved in. Give money to individuals or entire classes who display school spirit and then allow them to spend their "cash" at a raffle or carnival at the end of the week.

  • "Idol" Auditions. Offer "Cafeteria Karaoke" at lunch time one day. Whether or not you discover any talent, you're sure to uncover great laughs!

  • Fan Caravan. On the day of the big game, sponsor a caravan for all fans travelling to the game. Meet at the school, deck out your cars, and travel together to the big game. You'll want to try out several of our car items like window paint, car chalk, bumper stickers, car flags, and antenna balls – sure to get your school's spirit rolling!

  • Home Pride. Want to really make your team feel special? Decorate their yards with spirit, in style (no TP here!). Try a few of our yard signs, mixed with sidewalk chalk and outdoor banners to let them know you're cheering them on!

  • Fire Up Signs. Place fire up signs along the bus path to away games – every few miles.

  • Decorate Pillows. Fire up sweet dreams for your school with spirit pride decorated pillows.

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