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Wonka® Fun Dip Candy

Wonka® Fun Dip Candy

$0.57 $9.23

Tootsie Pops®

$16.16 box/100

Strawberry Frooties™

$5.99 pkg/360

Charms® Blow Pops

$20.99 pkg/100

Watermelon Frooties™

$9.44 pkg/360
Dubble Bubble® Cry Baby Jar

Green Apple Frooties™

$9.44 pkg/360

Blue Raspberry Frooties™

$9.44 pkg/360

Tootsie Roll™ Midgees

$6.92 pkg/360

Pinata Filler Bag

$13.99 each

Chevron Spirit White Swirl Lollipops

$8.99 Pkg/12


$9.23 pkg/100

Shining Royalty White Swirl Lollipops

$8.99 Pkg/12

Shining Royalty Rainbow Swirl Lollipops

$8.99 pkg/12

Custom #1 Volleyball Photo Mint Tin

$1.49 each

Football Party Mints

$4.61 pkg/50
12 Colors

Bermuda Blue Buttermints

$4.29 pkg/50

Create a sweet fund-raiser featuring your school mascot.It’s a sure-fire profit-maker because there are few things more crowd-pleasing than custom chocolate lollipops from SpiritLine. Our price-per-unit is low enough to allow a good profit margin. Expand your product line by offering colorful rainbow swirl lollipops, too. A warning, though: Definitely buy in bulk, because once the first lollipop leaves the concession stand, there will be a long line of people waiting to buy their own.