Parade Decorations & Accessories

Parade Decorations and Accessories


Float Decoration



The Float Basics

The Float Basics:

  1. Gather a fun group of float builders.
  2. Brainstorm to select your theme and your slogan.
  3. Collect the materials you will need to construct the float - don't forget the hay wagon.
  4. Create your float structure.
  5. Add decorations and finishing touches.
  6. Attach the appropriate safety signs and slow-moving vehicle warnings to your float.
  7. Sit back and enjoy the parade!
Float Background

Materials Needed:

Floral Sheeting 





Fake Grass

Additional Tips:

  • Keep the weather in mind when building your float.
  • Make sure the objects on your float are secure.
  • If you will be having people ride on your float, be sure that they have something stable to hold on to.
  • Know the route that your float will be taking. Keep in mind overpasses, hills, curves, etc. that may affect your float.

When Spiritline says it can outfit your float from bottom to top, we mean it. We have giant foam letters that can spell out anything loud and proud, and we have float fringe in a rainbow of colors and variety of finishes to trim the edges and mask the wheels. You’ll also find all the grass mats, festooning, twistees and floral sheeting for in between. Float artists with tight budgets love pomps, available in tissue paper or vinyl for locales where bad weather is a risk.