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Mini Crown Scepter

$31.17 each

Monarch Scepter

$22.99 each

Windsor Scepter

$23.09 each

Allure Scepter

$16.99 each
Crystal Snowflake Scepter
46.68% off

Crystal Snowflake Scepter

$15.99 $29.99 each

High Honor Scepter

$14.99 each

Celebrate the highlights of the school year with fabulous crown scepters as part of the ensemble of royalty items and royalty combos that make homecoming and prom events truly exceptional. Whether for the king, queen, prince, or princess of the royal court, a dazzling crown scepter adds a sense of heightened splendor to a special event. Any of these beautiful scepters will also make an excellent accessory for a pageant queen or princess to complete an ultra-elegant ensemble.